DIRECTV Has Renewed its Agreement with Newsmax

After months of negotiations, DIRECTV and Newsmax reached a mutually beneficial business agreement that will return Newsmax to DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM and U-verse without additional costs for our customers. This agreement reflects the free market at work.

“This resolution with Newsmax, resolving an all-too-common carriage dispute, underscores our dedication to delivering a wide array of programming and perspectives to all our customers. Through our persistent negotiations, we reached a resolution under mutually-agreeable business terms allowing us to deliver the conservative news network at the right value – a reflection of the free market at work.” – Bill Morrow, CEO of DIRECTV

DIRECTV welcomes Newsmax back (and would have preferred it never left).

Our successful negotiation with Newsmax was based on delivering Newsmax at the best value without additional costs to our customers – not politics or ideology.

Temporary outages are common – DIRECTV has had temporary outages with other national and local content providers while negotiations progressed.

DIRECTV valuesall perspectives

  • Newsmax is rejoining DIRECTV’s expanded diversified news lineup, which also includes CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Newsmax, NewsNation, and The First, a conservative news network that recently launched on DIRECTV.

We've reached a deal with Newsmax