• Will Newsmax be offered on its original channel?

  • Yes, starting March 23 Newsmax is again available on DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM channel 349, and channel 1220 on U-verse.

  • Will the agreement with Newsmax affect costs for DIRECTV customers?

  • No.

  • Does DIRECTV censor conservative voices?

  • No. Newsmax chose not to accept DIRECTV’s proposed terms initially and withdrew DIRECTV’s rights to air the channel. After months of negotiation, we were pleased to reach a mutually beneficial business agreement that will return Newsmax to DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM and U-verse at no additional cost to our customers, a reflection of the free market at work.

  • Will DIRECTV continue to provide The First?

  • Yes, customers have been enjoying the programming since launch and our agreement with The First is independent from any other network agreement.

  • Has this happened with other channels?

  • Yes, these situations are common. Like other distributors, DIRECTV has had temporary outages with other national and local content providers while negotiations progressed.

We've reached a deal with Newsmax